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At Creative Travel Center of Joliet, we take our clients safety seriously — and that means making sure that you travel safely. Here is some great advice and a few good resources…

10 Great International Travel Tips

1. Dress Appropriately- with many other religious cultures, it makes sense to dress conservatively, especially traveling in the MIddle East. Talk to your agent about what attire is appropriate. By “fitting in” you may be more comfortable as well as receive better service if you are perceived as a local.

2. If you don’t what to be noticed as a tourist, then here are a couple tips. Unfolding a map and looking confused is one good way to stand out in a crowd and scream “I’m not from around here!”. Taking a lot of photos is another tip-off. If you don’t want to be considered a tourist, snap some pix and put your camera away. Lastly, keep your demeanor on the down-low. Loud boisterous actions and words will certainly draw attention.

3.Although credit cards have huge advantages such as good exchange rates and convenience, they do have some down sides. Some overseas restaurants and hotels won’t take credit cards, in which case you’ll need cash or travelers checks. You may also run the risk of having the charges denied, so it’s always a good idea to let your merchant provider know when and where you are traveling to minimize that risk.

4.When traveling to a non-english speaking country, you may want to learn a few key phrases. Another tip is to buy an app or phrasebook to help you with translation. If you are in a jam, look for a tourist office or even a large hotel. chances are they will have someone there who speaks English.

5. Since out-of-country phone and data service can be outrageously expensive, you should plan an alternative if you are going to use your phone. One way is to Get a mobile VOIP phone number, forward everything to that, and then access that number over Wi-Fi. You should also turn of you data, 3G and roaming. Wifi is common all over the world, so this plan could save you enough money to start planning another trip!

6. Prevent identity Theft. Unpack critical documents that you don’t’ need before traveling. Things like checkbooks, social security card, bank cards or medical documents. Also, guard your documents, don’t leave them lying around your hotel room while you are out. Also be careful or insecure internet connections, especially if you need to log into a bank account or email. You might even consider using a dedicated email just while you are traveling. Lastly, keep your cell phone secure. Those are easy targets for theft.

7. Check travel advisories by doing research, especially if the country you are traveling to is in turmoil. There are plenty of great travel forums and message boards where people share current conditions.

8. To avoid getting sick, eat and drink carefully. It’s great to try new things, but know what you are consuming if you have food allergies. In some countries it may be wise to drink bottled water.

9. Stay out of trouble. By learning local traditions, taboos and laws you can avoid any problems. Knowing local customs will also help you receive better service and assistance if needed. And constantly assess risks and be mindful of your environment.

10. Lastly, avoid giving money to strangers and children. As tempting as it may be, it could position you as a target.

By practicing these simple tips, you will have a greater chance of enjoying a safe and fun trip. But the best tip is to talk to the professionals at Creative Travel. Our agents will give you the do’s and don’ts of the region where you are traveling and will provide plenty of more in-depth travel advice.